Sans Form 24–7 posters detail
Sans Form – an independent label of wearable and printed goods.
[zilla_one_half] Built by an international collective of graphic designers, Sans Form manifested the idea of minimalistic design. Each of the items where carefully hand-printed and handled on-demand, using only 100% organic materials.

Add Studio contributed with the collection ”24–7”, two typographic designs that portray the expression 24–7 (round the clock, seven days a week). The designs where produced as T-shirts, posters, tote bags and more.

[zilla_one_half_last]The project became an immediate success and gained a lot of attention in the design community. The products sold fast and the project was praised by several influential design blogs including DesignMilkMinimalissimo and was selected Editor’s Pick at Storenvy.[/zilla_one_half_last]


Field testing the products in the desert.

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