Södermalms Bokbinderi

Identity, stationery and web site for a local bookbindery.
Södermalms Bokbinderi is a traditional bookbindery run by Lotta Löwgren. The bindery works mainly with book restoration and book repair, as well as creating custom made objects. The visual identity is set in a restrained modernist style, contrasting the old style fashioned artifacts that passes through the shop.

By removing one bar from the frame a subtle book spine can be read into the logotype. The letterpressed stationery complements the hand craft put into the bookbinding process. The responsive wordpress site enables Lotta to effortlessly update her portfolio on her path from journeyman to master. www.sodermalmsbokbinderi.se

Södermalms Bokbinderi business card.
Södermalms Bokbinderi business card.

Södermalms Bokbinderi identity & web

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