Veganer äter bara gräs – boksignering 15/6

Fredag den 15 juni kl. 16:30–18 gästar Petra Cavini butiken Green Laces på Hökens gata 7 vid Mosebacke.

Petra bjuder på veganska godsaker och signerar sin sprillans nya kokbok ”Veganer äter bara gräs”. I butiken är det 20 % på samtliga produkter. Välkommen förbi på ett glas veganskt vin och vegopepp! Anmäl dig gärna på här: Facebook event.

Merry Christmas

God jul! Merry Christmas!

Award of Excellence

The logotype for Södermalms Bokbinderi has been awarded with an ”Award of Excellence” ? in  WOLDA – Worldwide Logo Design Annual, a worldwide competition for logos and business stationery.

Happy Halloween

Black cats and goblins and
broomsticks and ghosts
Covens of witches
with all of their hosts

You may think they scare me
You’re probably right
Black cats and goblins
on Halloween night.
—Trick or Treat!

International Day of Peace

Give peace a chance! ✌️
Established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution, Peace Day provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace.

Happy Easter

Glad Påsk! Happy Easter!
Enjoy your candy and the weekend.

Happy New Year!

Gott nytt år! ?
Happy New Year!
All the best wishes for 2017.

New client: City i Samverkan

Add Studio would like to welcome a new client, the non-profit membership organization City i Samverkan. Together with their members, they work to create the best experience for Stockholm City. Add Studio has been assigned to develop the visual identity as well as graphic design for various printed matter.

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  • slide-3

A group of 8 year olds came by the studio this week, to learn about graphic design and creating logotypes. Here are a couple of slides from the presentation attempting to explain the concept of typefaces and logotype creation. It was such a great experience to show the impact of typography to kids who, basically, just grasped the concept of reading and writing.

Sponsor Light

sponsor-light-updates_imageAdd Studio is happy to announce the support for the project Sponsor Light, by helping out with the visual identity and upcoming web site.

Sponsor Light is a small project that tries to help the children of very poor parents to go to school. The children live in the mountains outside of Kasese, Uganda and funds collected goes to school fees and lunch. More info on the project and how you can help will be available at in the near future.